Reflecting on 2017: Favourite Moments & Life Lessons

Wow! Can you believe an entire year has gone by already? Our 2017 was an outstanding year filled with so MANY great memories. I wanted to share a quick recap of our favourite moments and some lessons we learnt along the way before the new year!

Top Moments

  1. Getting MARRIED – as you may remember we got married in September 2017 after dating for almost 7 years! It was such a magical day and everything was absolutely perfect. I still get butterflies looking back at the photos and seeing him with his wedding band 🙂
  2. Starting this blog – can you believe it has been around 8 months since I started this blog?! Me neither! I was VERY nervous to start this blog and still question myself regularly, but I am so grateful to document our adventures on this site. My blog has been such a good outlet for my photography and I am so excited to see how it keeps evolving next year!

Favourite Travel Memories

  1. Honeymoon in Hawaii – this was easily my top travel memory from 2017! We spent 1 week on Oahu and 1 week on Maui soaking up the sun and seeing all of the sights. It was so nice to relax after our wedding and explore the Hawaiian Islands!
  2. Bruce Peninsula National Park – we visited the Bruce Peninsula National Park for our first time this year during the 150th Anniversary of Canada! We spent a wonderful week camping underneath the stars and checking out all of the beautiful landscapes!
  3. Quebec City – we both love Quebec City and plan on visiting many times during our lives, but this was our first visit together and it was incredible. We walked around the entire city over a long weekend, took way too many photographs and indulged in all of the delicious foods!
  4. Tremblant Ski Weekend – this was one of our mini-vacations that happened a few months before the blog started. We had the perfect weather and snow conditions for a memorable ski weekend. We also spent an afternoon at the incredible Scandinave Spa, which we still dream about!

Life Lessons

  1. The days go slowly and the years go quickly – the past few years seem to have flown by faster than I care to realize. This past year I continually reminded myself that hard times will fade with time and to make the most of each day. Even though some days feel exhausting, I remind myself to give my full effort because before I know it, these years will be gone.
  2. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to – this has been one of my favourite sayings for a many years. For the past decade I have kept a journal of my thoughts and worries – one thing I always notice is that everything that once caused me stress has worked out now. Life has a strange way of moving on and adapting to life changes.
  3. Continuous improvement is important – my newest lesson was to keep improving every day through very small tweaks. Whether its an updated decoration for the house, a cleaned cupboard, reading a book, or new self-improvement tips – I have tried to continuously make small improvements, which have actually had the largest impact over this past year!

I also wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am for your support. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, leave comments, or send likes on social media. I am so excited to see what 2018 has in store for us! Have a wonderful new year!

xoxox L


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