72 Hours in Lake Placid

I have been camping at Lake Placid for many years. Each summer we would pack up the car and head to Fish Creek Campsite for some summer fun. Ryan and I have been back a few times to enjoy Lake Placid since it is a quick drive from our home. If you haven’t explored Lake Placid, I would highly recommend making a visit!

Camping at Lake Placid

Although there are many different types of accommodations in Lake Placid we always prefer to camp. Our favourite campground is Fish Creek Pond Campground (www.FishCreekPond.com). Each site at this campground is very spacious and has a private beach on the main lake. There is an ice cream truck, ice truck, and firewood truck that circulate everyday, which is a fun opportunity to run up and get supplies or sweets. There are also numerous camps and activities (e.g., decorative bike parade) if you are camping with children.

^ Our makeshift dining shelter since they were predicting rain

^ Fishing at sunset each night

Exploring Downtown Lake Placid

If you have a little bit of time, I would highly recommend visiting downtown Lake Placid. There are many attractions and delicious eats for you to explore, including sites from the Olympics! We always grab some ice cream and then wander the streets looking at all of the cute shops along the way.

We also recommend visiting Tail of the Pup if you like an eclectic outdoor BBQ with lots of fun activities. We make a point of stopping every time we visit to get some yummy food and explore their outdoor areas.

Driving up Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain is probably the best attraction in Lake Placid. We had visited a few times before making the trek up and we wish we had done it sooner. It is a pretty steep drive up the mountain and they recommend ensuring that your car has good breaks and the weather is decent. We had no issue driving up the mountain and really enjoyed the views. Once you reach the top parking lot there is a little hike until you reach the top. The views were absolutely breathtaking and it was impossible not take a beautiful photo. There isn’t any food at the top so I would recommend packing some snacks and drinks if you plan on staying for a bit.

Overall, we love visiting Lake Placid and exploring the sites. It is great for 3-4 day weekends if you are looking to get outside and find an adventure!