Blue Mountain Weekend Getaway & Tips

Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Skiing Tips

Hi there! We just got home from a fun weekend skiing at Blue Mountain and I thought I would whip together a quick post to share some of our picture and my top ski/boarding tips for your adventure!

  1. Pack some tissues and chapstick – this may sound like a silly little tip but you will thank me at the top of the mountain! I always forget how much the cold makes my nose run and lips dry out so I always leave tissues and chapstick in my coat. Keeping a permanent copy in my pockets means that I never need to remember for the next trip!

Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Skiing Tips

2. Save your hardest runs for mid-day – so many people start the day with warm up runs and then end with the most challenging hills. However, people forget that they are the most tired (and accident prone) at the end of the day as they squeeze one last run in. A study at the University of Utah says that most ski/board accidents happen between 3:30pm and 5:00pm due to colder temperatures and muscle fatigue. Plan your hardest runs for mid-day before your lunch break so you can rest afterwards and end the day on a comfortable run!

Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Skiing Tips

3. Always look up hill & pass on the left – this may seem counterintuitive to look uphill while skiing, but it can help to keep you safe. Always make sure to check for oncoming traffic (uphill) when you are moving across a hill or merging onto another path. We always see so many close calls that could be prevented by looking uphill.

Also a friendly public service announcement – always pass on the left side (like a car) so that you don’t startle or crash into newer skiers who are keeping to the right!

Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Skiing Tips

4. Always buy a hot chocolate – nothing tastes better than a hot chocolate at the ski hill when you are cold and tired! We like to get hot chocolate as our morning or afternoon break to boost our energy levels and warm us up!

Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Skiing Tips

5. Check the weather before you start – a lot of people assume that the hourly weather doesn’t matter when you ski, but it can help you to plan your routes and breaks. We always put our easiest runs during the times with the least visibility and vice versa. You can also schedule your breaks to coincide with the heaviest snow fall times!

Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Skiing Tips

6. Remembers its about the journey, not the destination – so many people race down the mountain just to get to the chairlift again. I understand the need for speed and wanting to get a lot of runs in – but it is also important to enjoy the journey. Take time to go slowly, soak up your surroundings, stop for a pictures, and share some laughs with friends. I promise you will get to the chairlift again soon enough!

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That is all for now! Thank you again for reading 🙂

xoxo L


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  1. Ashley
    February 20, 2018 / 12:56 am

    Tony and I were just talking about how we want to start up skiing again… I haven’t been since I was a teenager! We should plan a day to go together next year so you can teach us the ropes!

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