Zip Lining through the trees at Skywood Eco Adventures

Zip Lining Skywood Eco Adventure Kingston Ontario

Hi there! A few weekends ago we went zip lining at the Skywood Eco Adventures and had a great time! We had previously been to a zip lining aerial course in Quebec that was phenomenal and we were wondering how this local one compared. We just did the zip lining course this time and I was expecting it to be done quite quickly. To my surprise the tour actually lasted 3 hours and was very engaging the entire time.

Zip Lining Skywood Eco Adventure Kingston Ontario

You start off with a training session where you practice unclipping and clipping onto the lines. It was pretty basic but got you in the zip lining mood! Then you head up into the trees for the real fun!

Zip Lining Skywood Eco Adventure Kingston Ontario

There are 9 zip lining tracks on the course which doesn’t sound like many, but it takes a while to complete and you get to climb several ladders in the trees. Our guides even did a talent show zip line where everyone could do a trick! They taught me how to put my feet in the air, which was VERY FUN (see below)!

Zip Lining Skywood Eco Adventure Kingston Ontario

We took all of these pictures with cellphones since I could bring my big camera with me. They aren’t the highest quality, but we improvised with cell phones and sport bras!

Zip Lining Skywood Eco Adventure Kingston Ontario


Overall, it wasn’t as high up or exhilarating as our zip lining in Quebec, but it was a great local option that still provided the same experience! Make sure you get out and explore the aerial and zip lining course near Kingston if you are looking for a fun fall foliage activity with the family! It would be so stunning to zip through the colourful trees!

Ps. This is also our last post before our HONEYMOON! We won’t be publishing any new blog posts during the next couple of weeks as we unplug and enjoy our time as newlyweds! However, we will take TONS of photos and share them with you upon our return! The next month is packed with fun adventures and I get so excited just looking at our calendar!

Thanks for reading! xoxo L



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  1. Karen
    September 22, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    Have fun on your honeymoon.
    Looking forward to seeing your photos.